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Angola Mines Gem-Quality Diamond Weighing Over 200 Carats

© Photo X / @Lucapa_LOM203 carat diamond mined in Angola
203 carat diamond mined in Angola - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 22.03.2024
Angola is the second-largest diamond producing country in Africa after Botswana. Last year, Angola produced 9.8 million carats of diamonds, according to the national diamond producer.
A 203-carat gem-quality white diamond has been discovered at the Lulo deposit in northeastern Angola, announced Australia's Lucapa Diamond Company, which is partnering with Angolan state-owned Endiama to develop the deposit.
"The 203 carat [...] diamond was recovered during the processing of run-of-mine stockpiled ore and its recovery follows those of the 162 and 116 carat diamonds on successive days in February 2024," the company said.
The diamond was the fifth largest produced from the Lulo deposit and the third over 100 carats produced there this year, Lucapa noted.
The Lulo mine became operational in 2015 and has produced 43 gem-quality diamonds weighing more than 100 carats, including a unique 170-carat pink diamond.
© Photo X / @Lucapa_LOM170 Carat pink diamond
170 Carat pink diamond - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 22.03.2024
170 Carat pink diamond
The largest diamond found on the territory of Angola had a mass of 404 carats. It was mined in February 2016, also at the Lulo deposit, and was named "February 4" in honor of Angola's Independence Day.
In 2023, the Lulo mine produced 30,585 carats of diamonds, according to the company.
This photograph taken on November 3, 2016 shows the signage at the entrance of the De Beers Auction House office in Singapore. - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 13.03.2024
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In November last year, the new $600 million Luele diamond mine was inaugurated in the southern African country. According to the project presentation, diamond reserves are estimated at 628 million carats and the mine is expected to operate for 60 years.