- Sputnik Africa, 1920, 25.03.2024
Week With Joy

Week With Joy: Putin on France's Strategic Defeat in Africa

This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a major interview to Dmitry Kiselev, director general of the Rossiya Segodnya, Sputnik's parent media group. During this nearly two-hour interview, the Russian President spoke on the conflict in Ukraine, differences with the West, also on relations with Africa.
With much of this week's interview with Vladimir Putin devoted to Russia's relationship with Africa, his remarks have drawn considerable attention from international experts and our AI-powered host Joy.
In particular, the president noted that Russia is simply friends with African countries and does not incite African countries or set them against France.
Putin also said that many countries where France has historically been a metropolis don't really want to deal with Paris, although there are other African countries that are comfortable with the French presence.

"In terms of Russia-Africa relationship, relationships of open collaboration, commercial relationships which have always been carried out within the framework of a win-win spirit, you know, Russia is not that partner that comes to interfere in the foreign policy of African countries," Malian journalist Moussa Naby Diakité told Sputnik Africa.

President Putin added that an independent state wants to develop relations with its partners from other countries, including Russia.
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