Sub-Saharan Africa
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These Nations Top List of Most Influential Countries in Africa in Terms of Soft Power

African continent on the globe
African continent on the globe - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 01.03.2024
Soft power is defined as a country's ability to influence the sympathies and behavior of other peoples and states in the international arena through its example and its values, rather than coercion.
Egypt topped the list of most influential countries in Africa in terms of soft power, according to the annual Global Soft Power Index 2024 report by the British consulting company Brand Finance
In the world ranking, Egypt took the 39th, the report said, adding that none of the African countries were included in the group of 30 leading countries.
Egypt is followed on the continent by the following nations:
South Africa (43rd in the world);
Morocco (50th);
Algeria (73rd);
Tunisia (77th);
Nigeria (79th);
Ghana (85th);
Tanzania (93rd);
Senegal (94th);
Kenya (95th).
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The US leads this year's rating. The top three countries are the UK and China, they are followed by Japan, Germany, France, Canada and Switzerland, Russia ranks 16th, according to the Brand Finance.
The index is based on a survey of 170,000 respondents in more than 100 countries around the world. The study includes data from all 193 UN member states.