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13-Year-Old Chadian Flies & Repairs Drones, But Opposes Combat Drones

© Sputnik13-year-old Chadian Yaya Mahamat Ali flies and repairs drones
13-year-old Chadian Yaya Mahamat Ali flies and repairs drones - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 15.02.2024
Yaya Mahamat Ali is a 13-year-old boy who has a passion for drones. He taught himself how to fly and repair them and now shares his knowledge with other children. At the same time, he campaigns for a world without wars and opposes military devices that sow death. Sputnik Africa tells the story of this young boy.
Yaya Mahamat began flying drones at the age of 12, after receiving guidance from a neighbor who also flew drones. Since then, he has gained expertise in drone piloting and now trains children his own age. He currently has around fifty apprentices.
Yaya receives encouragement from his parents, siblings, and friends, as well as support from social media. The child admits that these messages bring him great joy.
The Chadian young boy specializes in recreational and professional drones, but opposes their use in combat. He even shared a poem on his social media platforms expressing that a world without military drones would be more beautiful and wise.

"A world without military drones would be beautiful, because military drones bomb people in war. We want a world without war [...]. We want peace, safety and health. Military drones have killed many innocent children," Yaya Mahamat told Sputnik Africa.

The teenager plans to develop his skills in this field and hopes to integrate a well-equipped training center to enhance his knowledge. Later, he wants to study information and communication technologies, "because technology is the ideal solution for the world," he believes.