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Why the West Turns Away From Global South Peace Proposals

Why the West Turns Away From Global South Peace Proposals
Despite South Africa and Brazil offering peace settlement proposals to the Ukrainian conflict, the West seems to turn a blind eye to them. AfroVerdict host sits down with a Ugandan international relations expert to examine the issue on a deeper level.
Back in June 2023, South Africa led an African peace initiative for the settlement of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which saw no results. Brazil suggested an immediate ceasefire and diplomatic talks…which was also fruitless. So why does the West constantly ignore proposals voiced from the Global South?
This problem is a "historical" reflection of "colonialism and imperialism", where the West disregards "anything bright" and "meaningful" from the continent, according to Dr. Anne Abaho, International Relations and Security Studies Lecturer, Nkumba University Uganda.
"The historical rejection of the African continent and its peoples, and black people in the diaspora, is simply making a clear return, without holding back to the extent that even in terms of beyond color," Dr. Abaho explains.
Efforts made "for purposes of global order", which is in "everyone's interest", are too "rejected".
"So they still look at the developing world as it still needs to be civilized. It still needs to be cleaned, it still needs to be taught what is right from wrong and what is left from right," the expert says.
The secret lies in a mismatch of interests and a different interpretation of "peace". While countries of the Global South feel "the weight" of the conflict to a larger degree than the West, the latter "is interested in its victory over Russia", rather than a "peace in terms of ceasefires and negotiations and diplomacy".
"The initiatives that have been advanced by the African countries do not match the strategies that had been laid by the Western world," Dr. Abaho underscores.
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