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West Will Use Different Means to Prevent Africa From Moving Towards Sovereign Growth: Russian Intel

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In recent years, Western countries, particularly France, saw the decline of their influence in African countries, including the Central African Republic, Mali and others. These nations "have rejected France, French forces, French companies," a group of French senators said in August in an open letter sent to French President Macron.
The West will try to prevent the African countries from following the path of sovereign development in various ways, up to the deliberate incitement of interstate conflicts, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Head, Sergey Naryshkin, wrote in his article, published in the "Razvedchik" (literally "Razvedchik") magazine.
"In fact, now we are witnessing a genuine decolonization of the Black continent, which is beginning to comprehend itself as a separate subject of international relations, and not just as a market for cheap resources, as the Anglo-Saxons still see it," Naryshkin wrote.
According to the director of the SVR, "the Central African Republic [CAR] and Mali are vivid evidence of the growing process of rethinking Africa's geopolitical identity." The example of the CAR and Mali, who are pursuing a sovereign course and refusing the patronage of the "collective West," will inspire other African countries, he added.

"The new authorities in [the CAR's capital] Bangui and [Mali's capital] Bamako found the courage to take the path of resolutely rejecting the French and 'collective West' patronage in favor of establishing close ties with our country [Russia] in the economic and military-political fields and became convinced that they had chosen right," Naryshkin said.

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He added that he was sure that "their example will inspire other states of the Black Continent interested in implementing a sovereign political course based primarily on national interests and independent of the Western elites' whims."
The SVR head pointed out that "the former metropolises will not abandon attempts to undermine the Africans' desire for sovereign development, using a proven "'gentleman's set' of classical colonial methods."
Such a set, according to Naryshkin, includes various tools, "from endless promises of financial and military-political assistance to the deliberate incitement of interstate conflicts, the spread of radical Islamist ideology and direct military interventions."

"However, this will only encourage regional leaders to search for more reliable 'suppliers' of security, which in their eyes are Russia, China, India, as well as the Arabian monarchies that do not have a dark colonial past, and most importantly, are ready to offer cooperation to the countries and peoples of Africa on an equal and non-ideological basis," he concluded.

In early August, a group of French senators sent an open letter to Macron that highlighted France's diplomatic failures in Africa, noting that such countries as the CAR, Mali, along with Niger and Burkina Faso "have rejected France, French forces, French companies."
This was echoed by former Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl, who called this shift in geopolitics "the official end of Francafrique."