Ex-US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger Dies Aged 100, Personal Website States

© Sputnik . Valery Melnikov / Go to the mediabankFormer US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger at the International Scientific Expert Forum "Primakov Readings".
Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger at the International Scientific Expert Forum Primakov Readings. - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 30.11.2023
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Former US Secretary of State and the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Henry Kissinger, known for his contributions to contemporary political discourse and the field of international relations, died on Wednesday at the age of 100, according to his website.
Henry Kissinger was famous for propelling a US-Soviet détente in the 1970s and laying the groundwork for ending the Cold War.

"Henry A. Kissinger was the 56th Secretary of State, a respected American scholar and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate who helped create the post-World War II world order and led the US through some of its most complicated foreign policy challenges," the information on the website said.

New York City-based international geopolitical consulting firm Kissinger Associates, Inc. said in a statement on Wednesday that Kissinger died at his home in Connecticut.
"Dr. Kissinger has written 21 books on national security matters. Considered one of America’s great statesmen, Dr. Kissinger was regularly consulted by American presidents of both political parties and scores of foreign leaders after he finished government service in 1977. In May of 2023, he celebrated his 100th birthday and remained active well into his 100th year. Most recently, Dr. Kissinger focused his attention on the implications of artificial intelligence. He was a frequent guest with media and on panel discussions, writing, and traveling abroad," the statement read.
The firm added that the former Secretary of State will be buried at a private family service, and a memorial service will be held in New York City at a later date. Kissinger's family suggested that donations be made to the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center in New York and the Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in Washington in lieu of flowers, the statement said.
Kissinger's contributions as a Secretary of State include supporting Israel during the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, so-called shuttle diplomacy missions throughout the Middle East, establishing relations with China, and pursuing a policy of détente with the Soviet Union.