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Conflicts in Gaza & Ukraine: Expert Calls Out Biden's False Virtue

© AFP 2023 BRENDAN SMIALOWSKIUS President Joe Biden speaking on November 16, 2023.
US President Joe Biden speaking on November 16, 2023. - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 21.11.2023
President Joe Biden recently wrote an opinion piece for The Washington Post, in which he argued against a ceasefire in Gaza, while expressing his "heartbreak" over civilian deaths. He also stated that the only way to support Ukraine was to keep arming it, even in the face of Kiev's massive manpower losses and the failure of its counteroffensive.
Catastrophes both in Ukraine and Palestine are the result of actions of “warmongering neoconservatives” that have taken over the current US administration, Paolo Raffone, director of the CIPI Foundation in Brussels, told Sputnik.
When President Joe Biden claimed in his op-ed for The Washington Post that the United States will continue backing both Ukraine and Israel – and funneling military assistance to both - for the sake of "peace" and "democracy," this reflects the extent to which this delusional “lost hegemonic power” has lost all capacity to address events fittingly, the strategic analyst and underscored.
The US President had leaned heavily into sententious rhetoric, referring to the US as an “essential nation,” as he vowed in the afore-mentioned opinion piece that Washington’s actions regarding both, the Ukraine crisis and the latest violent spiral of the Palestine-Israel conflict were driven by concern for “our own national security interests - and for the good of the entire world.” In his article, Biden also claimed that he was “heartbroken” by events in Ukraine and Gaza.

"Biden’s op-ed in the WP is a sign of delirium that reigns in the US administration. It looks like an apologetic last will from a president who is probably truly heartbroken for the events in Ukraine and Palestine," stressed Paolo Raffone.

As for claiming that he is “heartbroken”, so he should be, clarified the pundit, pointing out that Biden’s “current presidency and his past roles in the US administration have achieved nothing but these unnecessary catastrophes affecting masses of innocent people caught in the trail of a lost hegemonic power incapable to handle the events properly.”
But this deplorable outcome is hardly a surprise, added the strategic analyst, as “warmongering neoconservatives have taken over the US administration and apparatus implementing the horrific strategic plans for American hegemony written in 1997 by Zbigniew Brzezinski in his ‘The Grand Chessboard’”.
This can be seen in Ukraine, where the US and NATO have funneled billions-worth of weapons into the proxy war against Russia. By propping up the Kiev regime, they have emboldened President Volodymyr Zelensky to continuously consign Ukrainian troops to the meat grinder of a botched counteroffensive.
This destructive scenario is also reflected in the tragic death toll and the extensive damage that Gaza is suffering from. Both Joe Biden and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's refusal to implement a ceasefire amidst Israel's conflict with Hamas is far from contributing to the cause of peace. At least 13,000 people have been killed in the Gaza Strip to date, with over 5,500 of them children.
Weighing in on developments in Gaza, where Israel is conducting an operation to wipe out Hamas in the wake of their October 7 raid, Biden condemned the militant group’s harsh methods of using civilians as 'human shields' by hiding beneath hospitals, mosques and residential areas.
However, pointing to the tumultuous history of the Palestinians’ quest for statehood, Paolo Raffone said the Hamas attack on Israel that provoked a harsh retaliation from Tel Aviv was an example of a "last resort for fighting against an overwhelming and lasting oppression.”

"This happened in many occasions in the history – American and French revolutions, all along the national identity wars in the XIX century and during the Paris Commune, the revolutions in Eurasia against the ancient regime, and the wars against the European colonial rule – and it’s again confirmed in the fight for survival, dignity and rights that Palestinians conduct for 70 years against the occupiers," the analyst reminded.

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Furthermore, according to the pundit, the issue of “human shields” is a “disturbing moralistic reading of events.”

"When people have nothing else to lose because their life is with zero perspective, they are ready for sacrifice. Considering the Palestinian people as a 'shield' is disregarding the reality since 1948. If Biden implied that targeting 'human shields' is justifiable, this means that he lost any remnants of his Catholic soul that requires not to destroy what God gave. Life is the highest gift by God. Accepting that 'human shields' can be purposely destroyed is an unforgivable sin," stressed the international consultant.

As for the two-state solution that Biden claimed was the only way to resolve the 75-year perpetual conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians, Raffone described this as “a convenient screen that hides the political decision to dispose of an entire people, the Palestinians.” The expert continued:

"The two-state solution died at least two decades ago, and Biden knows it well. Since 1967, Israel has morphed into a Jewish ethnical religious state that, using the words of its leaders, can allow Arabs and Palestinians only as subordinated to the Jews. It is a fact that Israel has never adopted a constitution nor defined its borders internationally."

Expanding further upon the unwavering support that the US has shown Israel, and the “attitude towards the Palestinians as undeclared victims that, I quote, should be treated as a ‘financial liability’, Paolo Raffone concluded:

"The consequences of ignorance and arrogance are lessons never learned by the US power elites."