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Kenyan President Assures Citizens of Fuel Price Reduction Starting Next Month

© Photo X / @WilliamsRutoKenyan President William Ruto gives a speech in the Kenyan Thiguku area in the country's Kirinyaga Country.
Kenyan President William Ruto gives a speech in the Kenyan Thiguku area in the country's Kirinyaga Country. - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 19.11.2023
According to local media reports, the price of premium gasoline in Kenya recently remained unchanged, while diesel and kerosene prices fell by two Kenyan shillings ($0.013) per liter due to efforts by the country's Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (APRA).
Fuel prices in Kenya will fall from next month, President William Ruto said at the Thiguku area in the Kirinyaga Country.
The president revealed that his government has taken steps to stabilize fuel prices and ensure that they decrease in the coming months.

"Even though prices of fuel are high globally, we as a country are ensuring that the prices do not hike to the level whereby the majority of Kenyans will suffer. From this month, those prices have started lowering. From next month and other months to come, the prices will lower further. We will control those prices so as to ensure that we are able to drive our economy in the right manner," he stated.

Nairobi, Kenya - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 07.06.2023
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The head of state emphasized that although oil-producing countries control fuel prices and Kenya is not one of them, the authorities have "come up with a plan".

"The only thing that I will not lie to you about is that fuel prices are controlled by the people who are selling them to us. As a country, we don't produce our own fuel and that is why we purchase it elsewhere. Prices of fuel have hiked everywhere. But as a country, we came up with a plan," Ruto emphasized.

According to him, the bilateral agreements, that Kenya has signed with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will help curb the rise in fuel prices.
"When we took over office, the majority of our fuel stations did not have sufficient fuel. There were huge queues of motorists at fuel stations due to the scarcity of the commodity. I went and talked to the governments of Saudi Arabia and UAE over the crisis. That is why we have plenty of fuel in the country," the president added.
In early September, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics reported that the country's inflation rate fell for the third consecutive month to a 16-month low as food costs rose at a slower pace and petrol prices remained unchanged.