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What Makes Koalitsiya-SV Artillery System Impressive?

During the 2015 Victory Day parade in Moscow, the Koalitsiya-SV (lit. Coalition SV) was unveiled for the first time. It is an advanced self-propelled howitzer artillery system with an effective range of 70-80 kilometers, which places it at the forefront of long-range artillery.
One of its most striking features is its extraordinary rate of fire, exceeding 10 rounds per minute, with some sources claiming capabilities as high as 16 rounds per minute, a record for self-propelled howitzers.
The Koalitsiya-SV's high level of automation is what truly sets it apart, earning it the nickname of "combat robot." Designed for both protection and efficiency, the system safely houses a crew of just three servicemen: a commander, a driver-mechanic, and a gunner, all within an armored capsule. The turret, which holds 70 rounds of ammunition, is mounted on the robust chassis of a T-90 tank, combining firepower with mobility.
What makes the Koalitsiya-SV particularly impressive is its fusion of range, rapid rate of fire and automation, delivering a formidable asset to modern warfare. Its successful state testing, as confirmed by Rostec, underscores its readiness to redefine artillery standards on the global stage.
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