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South African Police Nab Fugitive Phony Physician Charged With Online Fraud

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Eager to enhance South Africa's healthcare, Dr. Kingsley Leeto Chele has been raising funds for his projects on social media ever since at least June. However, the enterprising citizen's profession turned out to be as fake as the existence of his startups.
South African police have re-arrested Internet fraudster Dr. Kingsley Leeto Chele after he escaped from custody earlier.
According to police, the scammer posed as an online doctor to medical professionals on Facebook* and, under the pretext of seeking investment, bilked them out of their hard-earned money for his ambitious projects, which, as it turned out, were never to come to fruition.

Officers first took an interest in the activities of an Internet version of Frank Abagnale in June when two victims realized what was going on and contacted law enforcement.

Kingsley Leeto Chele, or Dr. KJ Ncube, as he palmed himself to the gullible medics, was caught by valiant police officers on October 2.
The swindler did not succeed in eloquence offline, as Pretoria Magistrates' Court denied him bail. The phony physician was remanded in custody pending a court appearance, which was scheduled for this Tuesday.
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However, on October 11, the crook miraculously managed to escape custody while officers were cataloging household items at his residence. "Andy Dufresne" breathed freedom for five days until police appealed to the public for information on Sunday.
Finally, on Monday, the police reported that they had re-arrested him and, after doing some simple math, added the charge of escaping from lawful custody to the charges of internet fraud.

"[The] police in Gauteng appreciate the role played by the media in particular and the community in general in the fight against crime," a police statement said.

* Meta (Facebook, Instagram) is banned in Russia over extremist activities