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How Geopolitics Affect Africa's Energy & What Can Be Done?

How Geopolitics Affect Africa's Energy and What Can Be Done?
Russia held its Russian Energy Week from 11–13 October, an event dedicated to addressing global energy issues. In this episode of AfroVerdict, four experts get together to analyze the significance of the conducted event, the impact of the Israeli-Palestinian escalation on the energy security of the African continent and other energy-related issues.
Russia is quite involved in helping to develop Africa's energy security by providing assistance in the form of constructing infrastructure and exploring natural resources.

"The role that Russia can play, and is already playing, in the Mozambican sector is to develop mobile plants to invest in transmission infrastructure, which is a considerable barrier to capitalize the opportunities that we see in the region now," Eucides Dgedge, Eletricidade de Mozambique, state-owned energy company, Project manager of Business Development Directorate, says.

Africa's transition to renewable energy sources is not "a one-day thing", according to Hon. Mayen Wol Jong, Undersecretary in the Ministry of Petroleum of the Republic of South Sudan.

"People will continue to work with the hydrocarbons until the time comes when people really stop it. So it's not something like it is ending today. It is something that people continue to do as a transitional activity," he explains.

With the Israeli-Palestinian conflict escalating, global energy prices are increasing. When there is an unstable situation in one part of the world, "it is normal that there will be consequences everywhere else, H.E. Ivan Vangu Ngimbi, Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Russia, says.
The world should "focus on solutions for Israel, solutions for Palestine" and for the "global oil and gas market", according to NJ Ayuk, Exectuive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber.

"We are looking at a chance where we want to be able to produce more gas, even do more renewable projects like hydrogen. But it can't happen under an environment where there is insecurity. So we need to go for security," Mr. Ayuk elaborates.

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