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T-90 Tanks to Sarmat ICBMS: Top Weapons From Russian Armories

This week, Russia observed Defense Industry Workers' Day, a professional holiday honoring the people in charge of creating the nation's defense gear, some of which has proven useful in the ongoing proxy conflict between NATO and Russia in Ukraine. For additional information, see the infographic from Sputnik.
Russia’s modern frontline weapons systems have proven their effectiveness against the top tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, air defense, drone and missile systems delivered by NATO countries to their Ukrainian Armed Forces proxies, helping to stop Kiev's faltering summer offensive in its tracks.
Standout armaments include the Sukhoi Su-34 fighter-bomber, the T-90 main battle tank, the Lancet series of drones, the Kamov Ka-52 attack and reconnaissance helicopter, and the Tiger armored vehicle.
Far from the frontlines, an array of strategic weapons systems have ensured Russia’s defenses against surprise enemy nuclear, biological, chemical or large-scale conventional attacks. Among them is the Yasen-M class of nuclear cruise missile submarines and the Sarmat series of intercontinental ballistic missile systems.