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Journalists' Solidarity Day: African Solidarity Strategies

Journalists' Solidarity Day: African Solidarity Strategies
Every September 8, the world celebrates International Day of Solidarity of Journalists, and African countries aren't missing out! Your AfroVerdict host joins his friends and colleagues from Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana to discuss how journalists can stand together to break stereotypes about Africa and fight disinformation.
African journalists "have a responsibilty" to ensure that there is a "balanced view of the African continent", Tebogo Mokoto, GABZFM radio host from Botswana, believes.
"We need to be really united, or connected enough, or netwroked enough to tell the story from those perspectives, from our countries into each other's countries, Tebz says.
Africa is a continent that the world perceives as "the contninent wth disease, with hunger, poverty, internal conflicts", according to Manny Anyango, digital journalist at The Star, Kenya.

"We just want to be portrayed as good people, people with natural resources, people with good governance, people who really know what's going on in the outside world, not just in Africa," Manny explains.

Apart from solidarity amongst each other, journalists also need solidarity from the society they exist in, Nqobile Tshili, Zimbabwean journalist at Chronicle, notes.
"As journalists, we don't exist for ourselves. We exist to communicate, to make audiences understand what is happening within the societies that we live in," Nqobile elaborates.
"Encouraging diversity in our newsrooms" is important to promote solidarity between journalists, Zinziswa Mani, South African researcher and producer, explains.
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