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'Another World': African Students Share Stories of Studying in Russia

'Another World': African Students Share Stories of Studying in Russia
On September 1, Russia celebrated Knowledge Day as students and pupils resumed their studies. Your AfroVerdict host sits down with students from Equatorial Guinea, Republic of the Congo and Algeria to find out their motivation for coming to study in Russia and their experiences in Moscow.
Knowledge Day is beneficial for students, as it "motivates them to start a new year with new energy", according to Hichem Kasbadji from Algeria, a Masters student at the Moscow State Linguistic University.
"Studying in Russia will really benefit my future career goals. Why? Because when I'm studying here, I'm not just studying. I'm also learning how to live with other people. I know how to address a foreign person, how to address some people, how to react, how not to react to some people, too. So the experience will really help," says Yves Chelvi Ibata Ngassaki from the Republic of the Congo, Masters student at Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Moscow.
In Moscow, everyone is willing to be helpful, according to Jose Adolfo Mba Micha Ncogo from Equatorial Guinea, a student at the Patrice Lumumba Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. He explains that he was helped by his friends, classmates and teachers.

"I want to invite everyone who listens to us right now to discover Russian culture. Simply, it's another world. It's another world that deserves to be explored. The Russian culture is very, very, very rich. It cannot be limited to a specific period of time and, as you know, extends for hundreds of years," Mohamed Nacerbouhedjam from Algeria, Masters student in political science and international relations at the Moscow State Linguistic University, says.

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