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'West Is No Longer Sheriff of Humanity': Pan-Africanist Kemi Seba at BRICS Summit

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Kemi Seba - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 23.08.2023
BRICS leaders have gathered in Johannesburg, South Africa, on August 22-24 for the 15th BRICS Summit, where they discuss trade, political and economic cooperation, and de-dollarization.
The rise of the BRICS marked the end of the hegemony of the West, which wanted to impose its model on the rest of the planet, pan-Africanist activist Kemi Seba told Sputnik Africa. According to him, the group did well to slam the door in the face of the French President Macron, who intended to participate in the summit.
Bringing the end of an era by asserting themselves on the international scene, the BRICS are sounding the death knell of the Western model, Kemi Seba says.
The Group of Five (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) carries a multipolar vision of the world, which responded to the aspirations of "a large majority of humanity, which no longer wants to be led by the West," he explained. The snub inflicted on the French President, who was not invited to the BRICS summit even though he had requested it, is symptomatic of this new challenge.

"Anything that can limit the influence of NATO, of the Western oligarchy, is good for the rest of humanity. Today we are led by a minority, which wants to impose their rules on the rest of the world. A beginning of resistance to this hegemony materialized with BRICS […] The fact that they refused the presence of Emmanuel Macron also seems to me a historic act, a reminder to say that today the West is no longer the sheriff of humanity”, explained Kemi Seba.

The West has destabilized Africa

The end of Western hegemony seems particularly significant in Africa, where French influence had been increasingly contested, underlines the pan-Africanist activist. The West is taking a just backlash, after having sown chaos in Libya and destabilized the entire Sahel region.

"The destabilization of Libya by France and the United States led to the destabilization of the Sahel, then the destabilization of West and Central Africa. We are suffering the repercussions of this crazy, imperialist, predatory policy of the Western oligarchy […] But the westernization of the world, like any imperialist process, has a beginning and an end. I think that today we are coming to the end of this hegemony; we see it in Africa", he explained.

 - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 28.07.2023
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The pan-Africanist activist also welcomed the ongoing de-dollarization process, believing that "anything that can bring down the hegemony of the greenback is good to take". But in Africa, the fight for monetary sovereignty must also go through the questioning of the CFA Franc, backed by the euro, which weighs down local economies, he recalled.
The BRICS summit, which opened on August 22 in Johannesburg, intends to focus on the emergence of a more multilateral world. The issue of expanding the group with new members is being discussed. Other debates are intended to focus on settlements in national currencies and the creation of a potential common currency for the BRICS.
The summit brought together delegations from more than 60 states from the Global South.