Situation in Niger After Military Coup
On July 26, Niger's presidential guard detained President Mohamed Bazoum. The guard's commander, Gen. Abdourahmane Tchiani, proclaimed himself the country's new leader.

Nigerians Reportedly March to Oppose Military Intervention in Niger, Call it 'Injustice'

Kano City from top of mosque - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 13.08.2023
Following the overthrow and detention of Nigerien President Bazoum as a result of the military coup on July 26, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) decided on Thursday to deploy the group's standby force in Niger in order to "restore constitutional order." However, the actual implementation of the decision has not happened yet.
Hundreds of Nigerians marched to the streets of the Nigeria's second-largest city, Kano, protesting against a possible military intervention by ECOWAS in response to the recent military coup in Niger, local media reported.

"Nigeriens are our brothers, Nigeriens are also our family," the protesters chanted, according to media reports.

They also claimed that Nigerian President and the chairman of ECOWAS Bola Tinubu should “favor the diplomatic approach to resolve the crisis in Niger.”

"We don’t want war, war against Niger is injustice," demonstrators reportedly shouted.

The video from social media allegedly filmed in Kano shows people dragging the French flag and carrying the flags of Niger and Nigeria.
In addition, Nigerians blamed ECOWAS for being “used” by the West to attack the neighboring coup-hit state.
France and the United States have expressed support for the organization's decision. Along with them, the African Union has also backed the launch of a military operation in Niger.
However, members of ECOWAS are divided over the issue of the use of force against the West African country. The transitional governments of Mali and Burkina Faso are against the intervention scenario in Niger because the two countries are convinced that it will amount to "a declaration of war" against them.
As for Moscow's position on the matter, the Russian Foreign Ministry reproached the bloc's intention to dispatch standby military forces in Niger, noting that the move could deteriorate the crisis.