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Number of African Students in Russia to Grow in Coming Years, Official Says

African graduates - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 22.07.2023
During his visit to Africa this year, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov underlined the importance of the reinforcement of Russia-Africa cooperation in the humanitarian sphere, including education. He noted that Russia plans to double the number of scholarships for Angola and Eswatini.
About 35,000 African students are currently studying in Russia, their number will increase even more in the coming years. This was announced on July 20 by the Charge d'affaires of Russia in the UK, Alexander Gusarov, speaking at a briefing for representatives of African diplomatic missions on the eve of the Russia–Africa Summit.
"Africa is preparing to make an unprecedented economic and industrial leap. Professional skills will be needed in order to cope with the challenges. Russia remains committed to helping train the African workforce for technological fields," the Russian diplomat said.
Gusarov noted that in 2019, when the first Russia–Africa Summit was held, about 17,000 African students studied in Russia, now their number is already 35,000, of which 6,000 receive government grants. He added that in the next two years the number of scholarships for them will double. The diplomat stressed that new courses and faculties for the study of the Russian language in African universities will also be opened soon.
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Earlier, it was announced that, this year, Russian educational centres are scheduled to open in 28 African countries. Fourteen Russian pedagogical universities are also planned, Deputy Minister Denis Gribov has told media.
"We plan to involve young residents of African countries who are effectively learning Russian in our Olympiads, contests, and events. In general, we consider our African colleagues among the significant strategic partners in the development of education," he said.
In particular, the centers will be established in such countries as Algeria, Angola, Ghana, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Mozambique, the Republic of the Congo, Tunisia, Uganda, Ethiopia and South Africa.
In addition, at least three African countries have asked for Russian schools to be built on their territory, according to the Russian Ministry of Education.
The second Russia–Africa Summit and Economic Forum are scheduled for July 27-28 in St. Petersburg. The event was held for the first time on October 22-24, 2019 in Sochi under the motto "For Peace, Security and Development".