Rally at Pisa Military Airport: Italians Demand Withdrawal From NATO, Ban on Weapons to Kiev

© Photo Twitter / @BrunaB_HLVSRally at Pisa military airport against NATO participation in the conflict in Ukraine.
Rally at Pisa military airport against NATO participation in the conflict in Ukraine. - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 20.07.2023
This is not the first time that Italians have publicly expressed their dissatisfaction with the government's position on the conflict in Ukraine. In February, dozens of protesters marched to the Pisa military airport against the war and arms deliveries to Ukraine.
A spontaneous rally took place at the Pisa military airport, Italy, in protest against the supply of weapons and NATO's participation in the conflict in Ukraine.
At the military airport of the Italian city, activists of the Vento dell'Est ("East Wind") association waved Italian flags and unfurled banners that said: "No NATO, no weapons in Kiev" and "Sovereign Italy out of NATO." In addition, the participants of the protest chanted other slogans against the North Atlantic Alliance and its supporters.

"We want to express our total opposition to Italy's involvement in the conflict in Ukraine. Instead of pursuing our interests and offering ourselves as a possible mediator, we are compromising the economy and national security to carry out orders from Washington," the organizers of the rally said in a note.

The participants emphasized that today more than ever, with the failure of the Ukrainian counter-offensive and the new provocations by NATO with the supply of cluster bombs and depleted uranium ammunition to Kiev, "we must speak out on behalf of the majority of Italians against the 'sending' of armament."
The Crimean bridge after the attack by the Kiev regime on July 17, 2023 - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 18.07.2023
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The Vento dell'Est association was established in February 2023 by Lorenzo Berti, an Italian social activist. The movement advocates for friendship and cooperation between Italy and Russia. Berti created the Vento dell'Est movement after visiting the Donbass. He said that what he saw there was different from the information broadcasted by the Italian media.
According to the association's website, the purpose of Vento dell'Est is to convey to people an alternative point of view on the situation that has developed today in the global information community.
To achieve this goal, members of the organization hold rallies and conferences. All of them are aimed at eradicating Russophobia, as well as stopping the shipment of weapons to Ukraine.
Earlier, the activists of the Vento dell'Est association organized flash mobs displaying anti-NATO banners in about twenty cities across the country.