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Angel to Some, Devil to Others: What Role Does AI Play in Africa?

Angel to Some, Devil to Others: What Role Does AI Play in Africa?
We currently live in a world where it is at times hard to keep up with the rapid development of technology. When artificial intelligence joins the picture, things might get a little overwhelming. But where does Africa find itself in this complicated technological environment?
For today's episode of the AfroVerdict podcast, host Viktor Anokhin invited Adegoke Oyeniyi, a technology journalist and former editor-in-chief at TechCabal, one of the leading technological publications on the African continent, to walk us through the exciting and at times confusing world of today's technologies.
Adegoke explains that although artificial intelligence (AI) is still in the theoretical stage of implementation on the African continent, it has numerous spaces for adoption, especially in education and healthcare.
He points out that African governments can play a crucial role in facilitating the development of AI, as President Kagame has done in Rwanda that resulted in a large influx of start-ups from other African countries.

"I know a lot of start-up founders, even in my country, Nigeria, that have moved to Rwanda just because of the ease of setting up and the government support that you get. And the Kagame-led government has not only done work internally, but externally, creating awareness branding to attract support from international governments. Rwanda is just a great destination for technology," Oyeniyi says.

On the other hand, he warns against the risks of AI, as there have been cases of using this tech for fraud and impersonation of media figures.
Adegoke envisions a future where the youth takes a leading role in using AI to come up with local solutions, which will then attract larger companies to the African market.
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