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'He's Our Moses': Mandela Inauguration Witnesses Reminisce

'He's Our Moses': Mandela Inauguration Witnesses Reminisce
In honor of Nelson Mandela's inauguration of May 10, 1994, AfroVerdict featured a clan relative of Mandela and an SADF veteran. They offered their take on the meaning of the inauguration and what Mandela’s rise to power meant for the country.
SADF veteran Sergent Peter Hamilton was on patrol during the inauguration.

"The officers that were higher up… were convinced that we were going to be faced with a potential civil war situation," he said.

Despite all the injustices, Hamilton noted, "Mr. Mandela came up onto the podium, he didn't call for violence or retribution, he called for peace. And that is something that was probably the greatest relief in the hearts and minds of all white South Africans at the time."
Our second guest, Siphiwe Dlomo, is a prince of the abaThembu tribe. In this regard he is related to Mandela through the Madiba clan.
He emphasized: "That day for a lot of South Africans was a day that they never thought would come."

"He's our Moses. He took us out of the suffering and to a promised land," Dlomo said of Mandela.

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