Which African Cities Are the 'Smartest'?

© iStock.com / RomoloTavaniAfrica, elements of this image furnished by NASA
Africa, elements of this image furnished by NASA - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 14.04.2023
The International Institute for Management Development (IMD) presented its annual ranking of the "smartest" cities for 2023, which is based on the technological development they show.
A total of nine African cities from eight countries are listed in the 2023 edition of the Smart Cities Index, produced by the International Institute for Management Development in Lausanne, Switzerland.
According to the Index, Cairo ranks first among African cities. In the world ranking of 141 cities, however, the Egyptian capital ranks 108th.
Next comes Algeria with its capital Algiers (123rd): this is the first time this city has been included in the ranking. Cape Town rounds out the top three in Africa, ranking 125th overall.

The list also includes Rabat (126), Nairobi (131), Tunis (137), and Accra (138). Notably, two Nigerian cities, Lagos and Abuja, are also in the ranking (132 and 133, respectively).

To implement this ranking, IMD surveyed more than 14,000 people in more than a hundred cities around the world about their perception of the impact of technology in five main areas: health and safety, mobility, activity, opportunity and governance.
Zurich, Oslo and Canberra occupy the first three places in the world ranking.